Requesting a Price Quote from Mandell’s

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy is pleased to offer our competitive prices to our patients.  We understand that you may be price shopping to determine what your anticipated out of pocket medication costs may be.  While we do offer some of the most competitive prices around, the only way to know your true out of pocket cost will be to have your doctor send a prescription to our pharmacy.  Once we contact you and collect your insurance information, our talented staff can begin investigating the best and lowest cost options for you, whether it be through discovering insurance coverage or identifying self pay discount programs and coupons you can use.  We are extremely thorough when working on your order.   All quote requests submitted here must include the following:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Doctor AND Clinic Name
  4. Medications and quantities that your physician will order. Please include the medication strength.  (Often patients know their daily dose (for example 150IU FSH) but medications are not ordered this way.  We need to know the exact medication (for example Gonal-f 300IU Redi-ject Pen) and the quantity that will be needed.   ALSO, if you have qualified for any discount programs like Compassionate Care, OR if you are in the military, please include this information in your request.


Please fill out all the fields below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!