About Us

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy strives to make impactful contributions to patient care with high quality pharmaceutical products, remarkable services and enhanced education resources.


Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy is an independently-owned specialty pharmacy that provides both manufactured and compounded medications to infertility patients and treatment centers throughout the United States.  Our highly-trained pharmacists and staff are available for private consultations to make certain that all of your questions are answered and all of your needs are met.  We understand, from personal experience, the emotional, physical and financial challenges that you are about to face.

Why Mandell's?

The pharmacy you choose can play a crucial role in your fertility treatment.  We hope that you will consider the reasons below and entrust Mandell’s with your care.

  • Owners Terry and Eddie Malanda are former IVF patients who understand the journey you’ve embarked on.  Their experience has influenced everything we do here at Mandell’s.
  • Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience helping patients understand their financial options, whether insured or self-pay.
  • We offer competitive prices and we automatically apply any discounts available – you don’t even have to ask!
  • Our team communicates directly with your physician’s office to ensure everyone is in the loop.
  • We have a pharmacist on call 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • We send Hershey’s kisses in most of our packages (as long as it’s not too hot).   Who doesn’t like a little something sweet to enjoy before or after taking their shot?

Terry and Eddie's Story

Terry and Eddie
Terry and Eddie

Terry and Eddie Malanda married in 1989 and discovered a shared dream of owning a business on their honeymoon. Terry had recently graduated from Long Island University School of Pharmacy and Eddie was a Firefighter in Linden, NJ. During Eddie Malanda's 25 years as a professional firefighter, he received several medals and awards including the New Jersey Valor Award and Firefighter of the Year, retiring as a Captain.  In their first year of marriage, they pursued their American dream by purchasing Mandell's Pharmacy, a "mom and pop" corner store that had already been in business since 1927.  In 1991, they realized the time was right to start a family of their own.  They never imagined the emotional five-year roller coaster ahead.

After unsuccessful attempts at pregnancy, the Malanda's decided to visit an infertility specialist.  Terry was very reluctant to undergo IVF and endured a long series of intrauterine inseminations (IUIs).  When these were unsuccessful, their physicians recommended IVF. In 1995 they went through a cycle and learned of a negative result near Christmas.  Terry returned in February of 1996 for a frozen embryo transfer (FET) that worked! Their son was born in November of 1996, and their daughter followed 20 months later, without any medical assistance.  Their experience changed the course of Mandell's Pharmacy forever.

Today, the Malanda's cherish being part of creating miracles, realizing they have a unique perspective on the crucial role the pharmacy you select will play in your cycle. "There was not much understanding of the emotional aspect that couples face and it was clear that unless you go through it yourself, you cannot fully comprehend the enormous emotional, psychological and social burden it entails." Every Mandell's pharmacist, technician, and IVF coordinator has had extensive training not only on the clinical side but on the psychological and emotional aspect of infertility.  This is why their satisfaction surveys consistently rate the highest scores. They love occasionally running into previous clients now pushing strollers in the mall. "When they bring us their babies or send us a picture, it is THE greatest feeling. I never got over my infertility, and I still get emotional when I meet one of "our" babies."

With warmth, patience, and understanding, Terry and Eddie's dream has come true.

Service Matters

Patients and providers LOVE Mandell’s! See how Mandell’s makes a difference for patients and providers in our Testimonials area!

Meet the Staff

Mandell’s is proud to have an amazing team of experienced and caring professionals.  Our pharmacists oversee the entire process to make sure you receive the utmost in care and compassion from our pharmacy team.  Our sales & marketing team is responsible for servicing your fertility center to ensure they have the most updated information and support available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy?

Phone: 1-877-252-0553

Email: TeamMandells@MandellsRx.com

Web: MyMandellsPharmacy.com/contact-us/

***If you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911***

After hours - On-Call Pharmacist Available for patients cycling with our facility  24/7, Just call 877-252-0553

When is Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy Open?

Regular Business Hours

Monday to Friday - 9am to 6pm EST

Saturday - 9am to 3:30pm EST

Sunday - CLOSED

Mandell’s is closed on the following major holidays – New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day

After hours - On-Call Pharmacist Available 24/7, Just call 877-252-0553

How can I send my new prescription to Mandell’s?

Mandell’s can receive new prescriptions a variety of ways including:

  • In person at the pharmacy
  • Faxed by Physician Office
  • Phoned in by Physician or Nurse
  • Electronic Prescription (“e-scribe”) from Physician Office 
How long does it take to receive my prescription?
  • Medications are sent overnight via FedEx delivery.
  • We prioritize our orders according to your needs! If you need your order immediately, Mandell’s processing time is normally less than 24 hours. Provided there are no processing delays, which are generally insurance-related, you can have your order shipped to you for next day delivery. Or, if you live locally you can pick it up the same day during normal business hours.
  • Prescriptions are shipped Monday through Friday for next day delivery, and on Saturday for Monday delivery. Free shipping is included on qualified orders.  Non-qualified orders will receive a nominal shipping fee.
  • Due to the importance of maintaining product integrity as well as the significant cost of fertility medications, your delivery will require your signature. A Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy staff member will coordinate with you to schedule the most convenient delivery method and location.
How do I refill my prescription?


  • When you need to order a refill, you can do so using one of the following options:
    • Call us at 877-252-0553 and follow the refill prompt to leave a refill request voicemail
    • Visit MyMandellspharmacy.com/refills to submit your request electronically
    • In both cases, a Patient Care Coordinator will reach out to you to finalize your refill. Your refill cannot be shipped until you finalize your order directly with a Coordinator. NOTE: Please let the Patient Care Coordinator know if you have run out of refills and would like us to call your physician's office to request a new prescription.
  • Please remember to always inform Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy of any insurance, address or health changes.
  • HELPFUL HINT: Order your refill before you run out of your current supply of medication.  Take into consideration holidays and weekends, to make sure you have enough medication to last you until you receive your refill shipment.
How much will my prescription cost?
  • If you are worried about affordability, Mandell’s participates in several discount programs that offer competitive and affordable pricing. 
  • We also participate in an income-based discount program, Compassionate Care, which offers additional discounts to qualified applicants
  • Mandells also offers financing through multiple lenders.
  • Prescription cost will vary depending on whether you have coverage and what level of coverage you have.  Our Patient care Coordinators will investigate your coverage and provide you with the cost once we have your order.
  • If you have coverage, your copay will be determined once your order is processed through your plan.
  • If you do not have coverage, or have partial coverage, a Mandell’s Patient Care Coordinator will automatically offer you all applicable discount programs and coupons, as well as provide you a price estimate on your out of pocket costs.
  • Even if your fertility medications are not covered, Mandells can process any other ancillary medications through your insurance to save you money.
How can I pay for my prescription order?

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy accepts all major credit cards, cashier’s check, cash, ACH, loans, money orders and flexible spending accounts. If mailing payment, please do not mail cash.

What should I do if I have a bad reaction to my medication?

With many medications, side effects should be expected but the severity can determine what action you should take. If you are having a true medication emergency, call 911 for help.  For other adverse reactions, such as those listed on your medication label, call your physician or contact a Mandell’s pharmacist by dialing 877-252-0553.  If you are calling after normal business hours, please follow the directions on the recording to reach the on-call pharmacist.

How can I safely dispose of my medications?
  • For information on disposing unused medication, please visit the FDA’s official recommendations here
  • For information on disposing needles, syringes and sharps containers, please visit this site

Mandell's Giving

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