Why Mandells?

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We Really Care

Owners Terry and Eddie Malanda and many of the employees at Mandells are former IVF patients who understand the journey.  Every staff member is trained on the difficulties in facing this condition and gain compassion and understanding of your fertility journey.


Expertise matters

Our knowledgeable staff has years of experience to help you understand your financial options, whether you are ensured or self-pay.  Our staff will guide you through this seamlessly.


Our Service

We are known nationally as the service pharmacy.  This standard of service is something you need to experience for yourself, and then let us know what you think!

We love to hear it!

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Our team communicates with your office on any questions we may have about your order. If we can find a therapeutic alternative that will save you money, we communicate with your provider to discuss the option.  Our commitment is to get you everything that you need for your cycle, at the best price, from a single source, and delivered ASAP!



Let’s face it, you want to pay less and get the best service possible, right?  IF yes, then we are your pharmacy! Our staff pride themselves on treating your budget as if it was their own expense, So they will always enroll you in whatever savings programs are available and find you coupons if available that will save you money! You don’t even have to ask!


Licensed in all 50 states

Mandell’s is licensed to ship to all 50 States, so no matter where you travel to or where you live, we can ship to you.  Fertility medications are typically not available locally, so why not go with a pharmacy that can get the medication to you wherever you are in the USA?


Certified Compounders

Mandell’s has an in-house laboratory that follows USP 795, 797 and 800 regulations. We are able to compound medications that are used for your cycle in our state of the art certified laboratory. No need to use many pharmacies to gather your order, we have everything that you will need and we ship to all 50 states!

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We have a pharmacist on call 24/7, 365 days a year to answer any questions you may have.  Yes, even on holidays! No need to google, just ask our experienced professionals!


We know Insurance!

Since we are located in a mandated state, we have extensive experience in dealing with insurance companies and maneuvering their maze.  If your medication needs a prior authorization, we’re on it.


One Box Makes it Simple

Since Mandell’s does fertility, and only fertility, we have everything that you need to undergo treatment, all under one roof, and all shipped in One Box!  No need to coordinate shipments from different pharmacies, we have it all here.


Because Chocolate!

We send our wonderful patients a little packet of chocolate kisses (as long as it’s not too hot since they melt at low temperatures). Why wouldn’t you want to put a little chocolate kiss in your mouth before or after taking a shot?