Mandell’s Policies serve not only to ensure we are in full compliance with the law, but also to protect our patients’ privacy and safety.  Please review the following policies.

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All Sales are Final

Please be informed that for consumer protection Federal Law prohibits the return of prescription medication. All medication is non-returnable and non-refundable. This ensures that your medication has been maintained properly and has not been tampered with. Mandell’s will not accept any medication for returns or refunds under any circumstances. All sales are final. We do not take responsibility for unused medication for any reason. Federal Law Prohibits Return of Prescription Medication for Resale. Any unused medication should be discarded properly and safely according to the regulations in your state. Please check with local authorities for proper disposal.

Shipping Policies

1. If you refuse your delivery for any reason, you will be refunded the cost of the medication minus shipping cost AND credit card transaction fees which is  3% of the amount charged.  All shipping costs are determined by the actual amount Mandell’s was charged by the carrier.

2. Once a package is picked up by the shipping carrier and leaves the pharmacy, Mandell’s is not responsible for any delivery delays, whether it is caused by operational issues with the carrier, weather-related issues or any other causes of delay.  Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Compounding Policy

Due to new FDA scrutiny nationwide, Mandell’s will assign conservative expiration dates to many compounded medications than previously assigned, particularly in high risk compounds. This measure is taken to ensure the utmost patient safety profile. While Mandell’s will always do our best to dispense product with enough shelf life for your cycle, certain products may expire during or while a patient awaits treatment, due to unforeseen delay in treatment or cancelled cycle. Our coordinators and pharmacists are able to advise patients on product dating and re-ordering. If you do not know when you are starting your treatment, we encourage you to have your compounded preparation(s) shipped once you are sure your cycle is starting. Our staff will alert each patient if their order contains a compounded medication, ask each patient their start date and advise accordingly. The final decision about ship date will be made by the patient. Mandell’s is not responsible for replacing expired compounds in cases where treatment was delayed or a product with short shelf life was ordered by your physician, or if the patient requested the product shipped after being advised that the product has a short expiration date. Patients are responsible for reordering their compound refills in advance to allow for them to be made, shipped and received.

To ensure quality, all telephone calls are recorded.