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Terry Malanda

Terry Malanda, RPh

Pharmacist-in-Charge, Owner

Terry Malanda is the owner and pharmacist in charge of Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy. She has over 25 years experience in the IVF field and is a certified compounding pharmacist. Her primary goal is to help every patient that uses Mandell’s achieve their dream of parenthood. Terry has a passion for educating women about their reproductive options.

“Too many times patients have said ‘If only I had known I would run out of time I would have tried earlier.’ To me this is heart breaking. For years the general public witnessed Hollywood celebrities having later in life babies and at the time the message for an average woman was that they, too, could put off having children. While I respect the right of any patient to keep treatment confidential, the unfortunate, unintended end result was a lack of fertility awareness in the general population and the unstated idea that women can put childbearing off for later. I am delighted to see infertility issues publicly exposed so that women can plan motherhood armed with education.”

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