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Use our Experience for your benefit

Choose Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy as your provider and our top-notch pharmacy staff will make this difficult journey easier for you.  Our dedicated fertility medication team will guide you through every step of your journey.  Mandell’s offers the following, and more:

  • State-of-the-art national fertility pharmacy
  • Knowledgeable, caring & compassionate Doctors of Pharmacy to meet your needs
  • Unique patient experience
  • Thorough insurance investigations
  • Competitive prices for patients without insurance coverage
  • 24/7  emergency access and support for patients and medical staff*
  • Experienced and highly-qualified Donor/Third Party Team
  • Patient consultation & education, including injection instruction and guidance
  • A full inventory of medications prescribed by your physician and supplies needed
  • Free shipping available**
  • Local home or office delivery
  • ACHC and PCAB Accredited facility
  • Certified compounding pharmacists

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*NOTICE:  Mandell’s prides itself on providing a true 24/7 on-call service for emergency situations that might arise.  This service is available ONLY to patients who are currently cycling using medications that they received from Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy.  If you received your medications from another pharmacy, please identify whether they have a 24/7 call service and/or consult with your physician about what to do in an emergency situation if your pharmacy is unavailable.  If you find comfort in the fact that Mandell’s is available 24/7 for potential emergencies, you may request that your physician send your initial order to Mandell’s.  We would love to welcome you to all our service has to offer

**Qualified orders receive free weekday shipping within the continental U.S.  Fees apply to all Saturday shipments and deliveries.

NOTICE: Due to new FDA regulations, many compounded medications are required to have shorter-term expiration dates than previously permitted.   While Mandell’s will always do our best to dispense product with enough shelf life for your cycle, due to the strict FDA guidelines, certain products may expire during treatment or while a patient awaits treatment.  Our coordinators and pharmacists are able to advise patients on product dating and re-ordering.  This information is also in your shipment.  Mandell’s is not responsible for replacing expired compounds in cases where treatment was delayed or a product with short shelf life was ordered by your physician.  Patients are responsible for reordering their compound refills in advance to allow for them to be made, shipped and received.