Donor & Surrogacy

Whether you’re doing a donor egg, gestational carrier, surrogacy or any other third party reproductive technology, our Dedicated Team Is Here to Help You! At Mandell’s, we have a Donor Team that exclusively specializes in coordinating Donor/Recipient orders, as well as surrogate and gestational carrier orders.  Anonymity and privacy is our primary concern while processing these orders so our workflow is designed to protect your privacy.

Our insurance specialists will investigate your benefits to determine if you have insurance coverage.  Our team will help you understand your benefits and explain the process every step of the way.

Our Donor Team is easily accessible through our toll free,  dedicated donor phone line and fax line. They will be ready to help answer any questions that you may have and meet all of your needs. To reach our Donor Team, please call:

Donor Fax

Some patients have coverage for their donor medication and treatment and our insurance specialists can help you determine the extent of coverage.  For those patients without insurance coverage we have discount programs available that will offer you deep discounts on fertility medications.