The insurance process for infertility treatment can be complicated, but no need to worry…the highly-trained, knowledgeable staff at Mandell’s is available to help you navigate through your options.  Our team of Patient Care Coordinators specialize in investigating your coverage in order to determine the best way to optimize your benefits.  We have a team of over 25 people dedicated to helping work through your insurance.  This process requires knowledge of the process and direct communication with the physician or nurse, often working in tandem with them to ensure the insurance company has all the information they need.   Mandell’s staff of highly trained and experienced Patient Care Coordinators specialize in understanding individual insurance plans, and helping you optimize your benefits, and your time.

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy participates with most major health plans.

Mandell’s can also help with:

  • Insurance Investigations prior to treatment
  • Hard-to-find medications
  • Prior Authorizations (when allowable by health plan and by law)
  • Insurance maximums and capped benefits – Read one patient’s story about how she maximized her benefits
  • Formulary advise
  • Transfer to mail-order pharmacy if required