Medication Safety and Handling

Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy wants to ensure that you have both a SUCCESSFUL and SAFE treatment.  Therefore, we recommend visiting the following pages to learn about the safe handling and disposal of your medications and medication-related waste materials.

Hand Washing Techniques

The CDC provides excellent guidance on hand washing technique to minimize the infection and contamination risks related to handling medications.

Handling and Disposal

Handling of used sharps should always be done with care and discarded properly after use. We'll walk you through some basic "best practices" for disposing of sharps at home or at the office.

Proper Disposal of Materials

When you finish your medications, you will want to properly dispose of the medications and vials, as well as your used needles and syringes.

Check out these two sites for assistance.

Medication Storage

Many medications need to maintain specific temperatures throughout their lifecycle to have the intended impact. Check out our quick-reference guide to determine if you should be refrigerating your medications.

Traveling with Medications

If you are planning to travel while undergoing treatment, please take a look at these helpful tips.