Handling Infertility at the Holidays

The holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year. But if you’re dealing with infertility during the holidays, it may be challenging to celebrate. Our tips will help provide emotional support for infertility as you navigate events, family interactions and more.

Plan Ahead

Traditional holiday gatherings with young families can serve as a reminder about your infertility challenges. Think through your social calendar and carefully select events that will support your emotional health on your infertility journey. RSVP to shorter events, limit your time at gatherings, or select only the events that are most important to you and your partner.

Be Open about Infertility Support

Be honest about dealing with infertility during the holidays. Declining a harmless invite may seem confusing to some event hosts who may not understand the challenges you face. If you feel comfortable doing so, take the opportunity to describe the emotional support that’s needed for infertility. Never feel guilty about making a decision that’s best for you but unpopular with others.

Set a Script

When are you going to have kids? Questions and comments fromwell-intended friends and family members can be hurtful. Lean on infertility resources from organizations like RESOLVE to help you prepare for the holidays when you’re dealing with infertility. Write down short responses that you can mentally refer to in the moment, like “we hope to someday” or “we’re facing some challenges at the moment”.

Establish an Escape Plan

Too much kid time, an inappropriate comment or simply a wave of unexpected emotion can derail holiday moments for couples facing infertility. Set an “escape plan” with your partner that allows you to discreetly exit the situation with a code word or a simple hand squeeze. Be sure to brief the host and follow up later with a text, email, or call with as much detail as you are comfortable with sharing.

Give Back for Emotional Support for Infertility

Infertility can keep you focused inward. Embrace the season of giving by channeling your emotions outward by volunteering your time to a charitable cause. Infertility emotional support can come when you’re helping others in need and shifting the focus away from your next cycle or treatment.

Fill Your Bucket

Find your own infertility support by spending time doing things you love. Head outside for a winter walk, see a holiday light show, watch your favorite holiday movie, or take an impromptu trip with your partner. Establish your own traditions as a couple to help you cope with infertility during the holidays. Strengthening the bond with your partner provides another layer of emotional support for infertility that lasts long after the holidays.

Infertility Resources Year-Round

During the holidays and beyond, Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy can help you navigate infertility by providing quality products, personable service and valuable resources. We know firsthand what this experience can be like—that’s why we created the pharmacy in the first place. Above all, remember that you are not alone on this journey.

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