The Benefits of Using a Specialized Fertility Pharmacy

Are you currently undergoing IVF treatment? Rather than filling your prescriptions at a retail pharmacy chain, consider the benefits of choosing Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy, where you’ll have access to 24/7 emergency support, educational resources, and specialty services designed to aid and empower you throughout your journey.

At Mandell’s, we’re much more than an online fertility pharmacy. We’re a dedicated group of pharmacists, technicians, and staff—all working together to provide the long-term support and resources our customers need and depend on. Unlike traditional retail pharmacies, our focus is ensuring we have the medications you need on hand, and experts you want to talk to on call, so nothing prevents you from continuing your treatment and achieving the results you desire.

Choosing the right pharmacy is an important decision. Below, we’ve listed three reasons why we’re more than your average fertility pharmacy.

Why Choose Mandell’s As Your Specialized Fertility Pharmacy?

24/7 Support

Starting a new medication or experiencing reactions to a certain treatment can be stressful. But imagine having access to experienced pharmacists on call and ready to answer your questions at a moment’s notice. At Mandell’s, you’re never alone in your journey. If you have questions about your prescription, and it’s past our regular hours, simply call us at 877-252-0553, and one of our dedicated team members will answer and be ready to help!

Price Comparisons

In addition to the stress of beginning a new treatment, there’s also the worry about how much your new medications may cost. We offer free online quotes, which allows you to stay in control of your financial planning and have the information you need to make informed decisions. Simply request a quote online, and our team will get back to you shortly! We also offer special financing that includes flexible payment options to suit your individual situation.


One of the many reasons why customers continue to choose Mandell’s is because it’s our belief that education is key to empowering our patients. This is why we offer a comprehensive selection of online videos, tutorials, webinars, and more to help patients find the instructions and information they need to feel confident about their individual treatment plan. We’ve dedicated our website to being a resource for patients and their families to explore and utilize throughout their fertility journey.

We encourage you to visit our Education page to discover an assortment of resources!

Order Your Fertility Prescription Online

Fill your IVF prescription online or request automatic refills at Mandell’s Clinical Pharmacy. As an independently owned specialized fertility pharmacy, we provide both manufactured and compounded medications to patients and treatment centers across the country.

We also offer local delivery, free shipping, and special discounts on all your fertility medications.